Vegetables And Beans Taco

A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn/wheat tortilla (crispy/soft) folded or rolled around a filling. A taco can be made with a variety of fillings, including beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables and cheese, allowing for great versatility and variety, but I came along with vegetarian version of taco, vegetables and beans taco. A taco is often accompanied by garnishes such as salsa, avocado or guacamole, cilantro, tomatoes, onions and lettuce.


  • For Stuffing:
  • Red Kidney Beans – 1 & ½ Cup (Soak it into warm water for 5 hours and boil it in pressure cooker until its become soft adding some salt)
  • Oil – 1 TBS
  • Garlic – 3 Cloves
  • Onion – ½Onion
  • Tomato – 1 medium size
  • Red chili Powder – ½ TSP
  • Chat Masala – ½ TSP
  • Taco Seasoning – 1 & ½ TSP
  • Mexican hot sauce – 1 TBS
  • Stuffing for tacos:
  • Taco shells – 10 to 12
  • Green Peppers –1 Small size or half of big
  • Onion – ½Onion
  • Tomato – 1 medium size
  • Lettuce – 4 to 5 leaves
  • Mexican cheese – ½ cup
  • Mozzarella cheese – ½ Cup


  • Step 1: Tacos stuffing
  • Soak red kidney beans in warm water for 5hours or overnight and boiled it in pressure cooker adding some salt until its become soft.
  • Take oil in pan and add crushed garlic to it, sort it for few seconds.
  • Add Onion to it and sort it until golden brown.
  • Add Tomato and cook it too with covered pan until it’s become soft or for 2minutes.
  • After tomato get cook, add red chili powder, chat masala, taco seasoning and salt and cook it for 30 seconds.
  • Add Mexican hot sauce to it (Optional).
  • Add boiled red kidney beans to pan(Mash some of boiled red kidney beans with hand or chopper and both add together) .
  • Mix all these well and cook it for 5minutes with covered pan and stir in between 1 to 2 times.
  • Step 2: Tacos filling and baking.
  • Cut all vegetables in small size mention in Stuffing for tacos.
  • Start to preheat your oven on 375degree.
  • Take a taco shell and fill red kidney beans stuffing half of it.
  • After adding stuffing, add all cut vegetables to it.
  • Prepare all taco like the same way and set them to backing tray.
  • Now add cheese on top.
  • Put your baking try to oven for 5 to 7 minutes. Keep eye on it and cook it until your cheese malted and cook properly.
  • After 5 to 7 minute, take tacos from oven and serve it hot with any Mexican salsa, guacamole and sour cream.

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