Veg club sandwich

Vegetable grilled sandwich is popular sandwich in world and it’s same way also famous in India but it is famous there as “Veg club sandwich”. I don’t know why it’s name given like that, anyways…This is Indian version of sandwich which I made with spicy green chutney, vegetables and the famous and old is gold, Amul cheese.This is my most favorite sandwich and it still has number 1. place in my heart.


  • White breads – As much you need
  • Green chutney – As much you need
  • Ketchup – As much you need
  • Amul cheese – As much you need
  • Butter – about 1-2 TSP on each sandwich
  • Sliced tomato – As much you need
  • Sliced cucumber – As much you need
  • Sliced onion – As much you need
  • Sliced boiled potato – As much you need
  • Chat masala – 2-3 big pinch on each sandwich


  • Boil potatoes adding salt and when it done and cool down, slice it.
  • Now spread butter on one side of two breads.
  • Take one bread layered with butter and on other side spread green chutney.
  • Grade generous amount of cheese on top of chutney.
  • Now layer potato slices and cucumber slices on top of it and sprinkle chaat masala.
  • Now take one bread and apply ketch up on both the sides.
  • Place it on top of cucumber and again layer tomatoes and onion slices on other side.
  • Now again sprinkle chaat masala on it and grade generous amount of cheese to it.
  • Now apply green chutney on bread which already has butter on other side.
  • And cover sandwich with green chutney part facing towards onions and cheese.
  • Heat up your panini maker/griller and grill sandwich for 2-3 minutes until it has nicely golden-brown grill marks.
  • Serve it hot with any chips, soups or juice you like.

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