Strawberry mint lemonade

Summer is on its peak and its great way to cool our body by serving it fresh and Cooling beverages so today’s recipe is one of them, Strawberry mint lemonade. This is a super simple recipe that takes hardly any time at all to make. Don’t forget to add ice cubes while serving it. Chilled beverages have their own taste.


  • Strawberries – 6
  • Mint leaves – 20-25
  • Lemon juice – 2 TBS (Add more 2 TBS, optional)
  • Sugar – 2 TBS + 2 TSP to dip rim of glasses
  • Water – 1 Cup + to dip rim of glasses
  • Lime zest – from 1 lime


  • Add everything into blender jar except lime zest and sugar to coat rim of glass and blend it.
  • When done, strain through a sieve and discard the solids if you wish or keep it.
  • Now make mixture of lime zest and sugar. Combine both well.
  • Now dip rim of glass to water first and then immediately to mixture of sugar-lime zest.
  • Try to cover rim as much as you can with it.
  • Now add lemonade into it and serve it immediately.
  • It will taste best when chilled.

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