Coconut paan ladoo stuffed with nuts

Diwali is here and so as my collection of sweet and savory recipes. In this season of diwali, I am trying little bit different sweets then usual Indian sweets…


Kaju paan with nuts filling

Kaju paan is unique Indian sweet which gives you twist of paan taste without having paan. Kaju katli layer with gulkund will gives you flavors of paan while crunchy…


Idea of quick and easy cooking in 5 minutes

Lately my life gets so hectic with two kids specially when one is going school in morning and little one is at home to take care. Often I found…


Broccoli soup | cheese less and super creamy |

Fall is officially here and season of hot soup cooking in my kitchen is more frequent now. but sometimes you do wants to enjoy creamy and cheesy soup without…

Baby/toddler/kids recipes

Spinach dal puree – Baby/toddler recipe

My toddler loves this dal with spinach. I always concern about feeding fresh, home cooked (not frozen at all), healthy and packed with nutritions meals to my kids. I…


Stuffed brussels sprouts sabzi

I am big fan of stuffed sabzi and so do I cook them flavorful except this one, stuffed brussels sprouts until my mom started cooking it when she came…

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I am from India’s most successful and progressive state Gujarat and right now living with my hubby at USA’s most comfortable place people ever want to live, California.

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