Mango cheesecake

This no bake mango cheese cake recipe is so easy to make with no cooking but taste ridiculously delicious.


  • Cream cheese – 5 OZ
  • Sugar – ¼ Cup
  • Heavy whipping cream (fresh cream) – ¼ Cup
  • Water – ½ Cup
  • Agar agar powder – ½ to 1 TSP
  • Mango pulp (Store bought) – 1 Cup (It may need more sugar if you are using fresh mango pulp)


  • Mix cream cheese, sugar and heavy cream with help of blender of spatula.
  • Now add agar agar powder to water and mix it.
  • Place your pan on stove after mixing it only and then on stove.
  • Let all powder dissolve in water. It will take 2minutes and off the stove.
  • Let the agar agar mixture rest for next 1-2 minutes and then add that mixture to mango pulp and mix all well.
  • Now add half of the mango pulp to cream cheese mixture and again mix all until well combined.
  • Now take small glass bowl about 4-5 oz and pour cheese mango mixture to each bowl about 2-3TBS in each glass.
  • Now rest those glasses into refrigerator for next 10 minutes and then pour mango mixture about 2TBS in each glass on top of it.
  • Now again place it into refrigerator for up to 4-6 hours.
  • Decorate it you choice of fresh fruits, nuts or chocolates.
  • Notes:
  • Cream cheese should be on room temperature. It will be easy with mixing.
  • If mango pulp starts to set while your cream cheese mixture is setting into refrigerator then don’t worry. Just heat up mango pulp and agar agar will start to melt.
  • This is plus point of using agar agar as it has tendency to set at room temperature and it also dissolve while heating it up again.
  • These much quantity will make about 4-6 small glass dessert.
  • You can also use graham cracker crust in bottom first.
  • For that you simply have to powder graham crackers and add enough unsalted butter until its wet crumbly and then place bottom layer with about 1 ½ TBS of graham cracker crust and let it rest in refrigerator for next 10minutes and then follow the steps I mentioned above starting with cheese mixture.

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