Lauki halwa

Lauki halwa (dudhi or bottle gourd) is famous Indian dessert. This halwa is rich in taste and texture from milk and khoya (mawa).


  • Bottle gourd – 1 medium side pilled and graded (Roughly around 3 cups)
  • Ghee – 2 TBS
  • Milk – 2 Cups
  • Cashew, almond and raisins – 4 TBS
  • Sugar – ½ Cup
  • Green food color – 2 drops
  • Nutmeg and cardamom powder – ¼ TSP


  • Heat up ghee and add shredded bottle gourd to it and let it mix all until its start to sizzling. It will take about 2minutes.
  • Now cover the pan and let it cook with covered pan for 6-7 minutes on medium flame. Keep stirring it in between.
  • Now add milk into it and keep your flame high until start to bubbling.
  • Cook it on high or medium flame with continuously stirring it to prevent sticking to bottom.
  • Add nuts into it when you are high way.
  • The total time of evaporating milk will be around 15-20 minutes.
  • Now add sugar and food color to it and cook it until moisture of sugar burn. It will take around 2 minutes.
  • Now switch of flame and let halwa cool down.
  • When halwa is at warm temperature then add nutmeg and cardamom powder to it and mix all well.
  • This halwa taste more flavorful while it’s hot and freshly made but some people also like it when it’s cooled down. Doesn’t matter however you have this, this is one of the best Indian dessert you can ever have.

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