Bajri na rotla

kem chho? Maja maa ne? Don’t be surprise. It’s just Gujarat fever ride on my heart after making these Bajri na rotla, another famous gujarati bread which goes so well with urad daal or stuffed eggplant and potatoes and the best combination with baingan ka bharatha.


  • Bajri (Millet) flour – 2cups
  • Water – 1cup
  • Salt – As per taste


  • Place water and millet flour in a vessel and make firm dough. Make a ball. Sift flour while adding.
  • Take the ball on your palm and slightly flatten it. After you half way done, place your rotla to flat surface with dusting some millet flour on that and keep using your fingers to flatten it.
  • At last flat the middle part of rotla which is not pressed.
  • Heat clay pan and place rotlo on it. Sprinkle and spread some drops of water on another side of rotlo.
  • When half cooked on one side, turn it to another side and cook it. you must have to make rotla between high to medium flame.
  • When fully cooked on another side, turn it to the first side again and let it cook fully. It will be puffed up same like roti.
  • Rotlas are ready when little brown spots appear on both the surface. Remove from the clay pan and open rotla and spread ghee on it and again cover it. (you can skip ghee it if you wish)
  • Serve it hot.

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