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NehalAs so many of you know already but again, my name is Nehal. I am from India’s most successful and progressive state Gujarat and right now living with my hubby at USA’s most comfortable place people ever want to live, California. (Oopppsss….It’s my guessing, Hope you don’t mind) I did my MBA from India and right now I am enjoying the designation of CEO of my small but my heavenly lovable kitchen and of course, my hubby’s too. Well well well, I think it’s enough talk about personal now let come to main point.

I am 10000% foodie person. I like to try different foods and even more like to make for me and my family. I yet remember when I 1st time made tea. I was only in 3rd grade and I forced my mammy to let me make that. My mummy still cherish those moments that how I was passionate towards cooking since I was kid. Like the way my journey start with my passion of making food. I used to stand with my mother and sisters when they were cooking and finally the day came, since 8th standard I started 100% cooking. And that journey is still ongoing. I can’t imagine my life without my family and of course, Cooking. My family and friends always appraise me lots by my cooking and their encouragement gave me more strength to try different recipes for them.

Making food is kind of relaxation job for me. It’s given me always happiness and makes me proud of myself to serve healthy and fresh food to my family. I like to make different foods like Indian, Indo-Chinese, Mexican, Italian and so on.

Now here is some questions that may be comes to your mind.

1. Are these all recipes 100% mine?
As you know that each and all recipes are made for long long time so defiantly, I can’t take credit of it but yes, I defiantly want to say that some of recipes are come in my mind and some of defiantly the inspiration which I got from my family, friends, some cookery books & TV shows etc. so the credit goes to them too but I am little bit choosy with my particular taste so I have re-touch some with my taste.

2. Do you have disclaimer?
Definitely yes. Cooking is my passion and that why here I come with my passion to share the good recipes that I have come across so that you also can try it & enjoy. So go ahead and try these recipes and feel free to tell me your comments, suggestion and your point of view to my particular recipes. As we know that we are human being so doing mistakes it part and parcel of our behavior so I will even well come the point in which I need to improve myself. It will be great help from you all.

3. Do you always comes out with 100% perfect recipes?
No, no, no. Here I want to share you one secret thing which may be all person like me don’t want to share but it’s true. It’s not like every time all the recipes comes out as perfect as you want. It’s happened with me too but as I told but again, we are human being and our mistakes are our lesson to come out with more nicer result next time while we making same food so if Somehow my recipes not come out like the way it should then I keep in mind all the steps and search out what goes wrong in it and I try it again with more enthusiasm because until I don’t get perfect somehow, I don’t get satisfied with my cooking.

Here I am trying to serve my best so you can also get some help from my recipes. Please encourage my effort with your valuable comments and your point of view. It will help me lot to get closer to your thoughts.

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I am from India’s most successful and progressive state Gujarat and right now living with my hubby at USA’s most comfortable place people ever want to live, California.

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