Classic Margherita Pizza

This classic Margherita pizza is so simple and easy yet it always appetizing. The quality and taste of this pizza based on you Using ingredients into it. So try…

Chutneys, Pickles, Salads and Raita

Spicy and tangy आम का अचार (Mango pickle)

Summer is going on and I really enjoy my meals with this super easy, quick and tasty, Instant aam ka achar. It needs only 3 ingredients and you are…

Chutneys, Pickles, Salads and Raita

Khatta aur mitha instant aam ka achar (Tangy and sweet instant mango pickle)

Summer is going on and I do enjoy my meals with fresh and homemade mango pickle so today I am sharing my mom’s recipe, Instant tangy and sweet mango…

Fusion Recipes

Vegan/vegetarian Red thai curry with vegetables and tofu

Vegan/vegetarian red thai curry is great recipe to satisfy your cravings for hot and spicy Thai food if you are non meat eater like me. I love thai food…

Fusion Recipes

Thai red curry paste from scratch – Vegan | Vegetarian

Homemade thai red curry paste is simple with few ingredients which make your thai dish flavorful. Being vegetarian, it’s very difficult to find vegetarian/vegan red curry in authentic thai…


Homemade punjabi masala for best punjabi curry

Made this fresh homemade punjabi masala in no time and enjoy freshness of spices in your curry. This is my friend’s mother’s recipe. Once she cooked palak paneer using…


Ragdo stuffing for panipuri/golgappa

Black chana,potatoes stuffing and this ragdo stuffing is popular through out gujarat whereever you have panipuri. I like these both stuffings so usually I take turn with these both…


Rice pakoda from leftover rice

This is super quick and easy appetizer you can make it in no time. This rice pakoda are perfect tea time snacks.


Avocado egg rolls | Copycat recipe of cheesecake factory

My family is crazy lover of avocado. So we can have it anytime in any recipe of these yummy, healthy and nutritions packed avocado. And yes, specially we do…